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CASA is the carrier of life and the place where the souls rest. SUMMIT by Newpearl Ceramics Group, a Chinese household ceramic tiles manufacturer expanding to the international market, creates a new experience of environmentally friendly smart homes through technological innovation with the support of high-performance hardware. It works hard to explore life aesthetics, create a new trend of household decorations, and build a more comfortable, healthy, convenient and intelligent living space for customers in the world. In Cersaie 2019, SUMMIT is going to display the Graphene Smart Heating Tile, diverse applications of marble slabs as well as other new tile products, to convey the the concept of “smart home trend life”.



石墨烯智暖芯瓷砖  用科技增添生活的温度

Graphene Smart Heating Tile adds warmth to life


Nowdays environmental protection has become a global issue, SUMMIT has developed the Graphene Smart Heating Tile. Its electricity-to-heat efficiency reaches 99%, 35% more energy efficient than conventional heating. When the tile is powered up, the electric current changes automatically with the temperature. When the preset temperature is reached, the tile switches over to the heat preservation model. The temperature can be maintained at 32 ° C - 49 ° C. You can regulate it remotely and feel free from fear of electricity leakage.




At this exhibition, SUMMIT is going to display the table and bathroom both made of Graphene Smart Heating Tile. In winter, the Graphene Smart Heating Tile made by SUMMIT has being another choice for home heating.

多元岩板应用  塑造工业设计的全新体验与格局

Diverse Marble Slab Applications   New Experience & Picture


During the marble slabs period, SUMMIT not only provides large tiles at dimensions of 3.2m*1.6m, 2.4m*1.2m and 1.8m*0.9m, but also offer slabs with custom thickness of 6mm, 10mm, 12mm and 20mm. In terms of application, SUMMIT is closely following the international trend. Its mature technology enables the marble slabs to be applied to table tops, cabinet panels, countertops, etc. The diverse slab patterns make it possible to create different styles of design and decorations.




SUMMIT Marble Slab Applications


In addition, the SUMMIT Marble Slab integrates the Graphene Smart Heating technology. When the slabs are applied to the wardrobe, they not only prevent mould and sterilize, but warm your coats in the cold season. It changes the cold image of slabs and makes people feel warmly.

品质时代  萨米特用设计传达生活新声

Quality Era New Life



As the carrier of life and spirit, the decoration style of CASA represents people’s pursuits and comforts the souls. Living in the rich life, quality and fantastic life has become people’s wants. With its high-quality products and trendy design concepts, SUMMIT has created a refined and stylish space that has become a good partner for people to create an ideal life.

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