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Brisbane is a coastal city in Queensland, Australia. It is adjacent to Sunshine Coast in the north and near the south tropic of cancer. On an average annual sunshine time of 7.5 hours, Brisbane is also known as "The City of Sunshine".

本期案例带大家走进位于布里斯班Coopers Plains区的Musgrave别墅,感受来自南半球海岸线独特的设计魅力。

Today we’ll lead you to the Musgrave villa in Coopers plains, Brisbane, to experience the unique design from the southern hemisphere.


项目名称Project :Musgrave Luxury House

地址 Address:Coopers Plains,Brisbane

使用产品Product:▲GF-QGB24022 、GF-RQ189019、GF-LD126124、GF-QGB32020

客厅 Living Room




Walking into the living room, the ingenious French windows make full use of the natural light. The floor is in the deep and magnificent Canonica grey. Without any sumptuous decoration, the living room is decorated by the fabric furniture with rich texture and rich subtropical color, which infuses the space with vitality and warmth.

偏厅 Side Room




The side room and the living room is separated by the wooden screen. The small side room integrates various elements: stone steps, metal tables and chairs, wooden cabinets and fabric sofas, which are decorated in a delicate balance.

走廊&楼梯 Corridors & Stairs




When you go through the corridor and pick up the steps, you can see a leisure area. A cup of tea along with a good book will bring you a pleasant afternoon as a sense of ritual sometimes make life lovely and romantic.

厨房 Kitchen




The product used in the kitchen wall is the classic Carrara white. Dynamic lines and pure white complement each other. The soft yellow light harmonizes the cold color in the overall environment, making the design full of aesthetic as well as vitality.


The cabinet top made by Newpearl Marble Slab is tested to be of 6-level Mohs hardness, 5-level antifouling coefficient and 4-level abrasion resistance. Its appearance continues the simple style while the texture carves poetic and elegance into life.

浴室 Bathroom



Bathroom space is always private and relaxing. The house owner intensively selected the bright Slowflake White as the decoration material, of which lines extend freely in the space, forming an open and tensile visual effect.

设计即生活 Design expresses life


Various kinds of tiles and texture decoration are cleverly applied in the Musgrave villa so that you can experience both modern and natural in it. Salute to the life aesthetics with good taste and warmth.


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