Newpearl donated a batch of epidemic prevention materials to Kyrgyzstan



On April 20th, anti-epidemic materials to Kyrgyzstan donated by Newpearl Group and other eight Guangdong building material enterprises were sent out from Xiongfeng, Guangzhou. This batch of materials, including 4,000 disposable surgical masks, 700 N95 masks, 500 sets of protective suits and some infrared thermometers, will bring our sincere regard to help Kyrgyzstan prevent and control the epidemic.



As is known, the donation was organized by Guangdong Building Material Industry Association. And 3,000 disposable surgical masks and 100 protective suits donated by Newpearl Group will be used to assist the prevention work in Bishkek and Osh, respectively the capital and the second largest city of Kyrgyzstan.



China and Kyrgyzstan are friendly neighbors and comprehensive strategic partners. As early as September 2014, Newpearl and Osh has built up deep friendship according to The Belt and Road Initiative.



Knowing that Kyrgyzstan was in urgent need of medical materials and facing the threat of epidemic spread, Newpearl actively responded to the call of the association. After the first overseas donation in early April, we again raised materials to help Kyrgyzstan overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.



Different nations, the same battlefield.


Recently, the first batch of anti-epidemic materials sent by Newpearl Group have arrived to our partners in various countries, and they all sent sincere blessings and thanks to us. We believe that through the epidemic, the friendship between Newpearl and overseas friends will be stronger!




Pleased to receive epidemic prevention materials



Our hearts are linked together from thousands of miles. Let’s work hard together to overcome the difficulties. Wish you safe and sound. Hope to deepen our friendship in the “Silk Road” in the future.

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